Volatile was formed only two years ago through a trans-alpine connection of two young yet versatile producers, NubiS from Slovenia and Feral from Switzerland. The pair shared a passion for 90’s big beat, drum'n'bass and the new wave of electro, which gave birth to a perilous monster: the sound so powerful and chaotic that it should be measured with the Richter magnitude scale.

The youngsters’ flair for destruction was noticed swiftly – The Proxy picked up their very first single and tracklisted it in his mix for Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show, while Hostage started spreading their name through his live sets and by praising them on the musical blogosphere.
Their first official release – Faces Of War – has seen the light of day through an independent digital label Studio Internova shortly after.


While the conscientious twosome continued to produce track after track, their take on R√∂yksopp’s Tricky Tricky landed nearly at the top of the hypem.com popularity chart on several occasions.

With a potent fascination of music and heaps of exciting unreleased materials and an upcoming Australian tour with notorious Trashbags Kids, Volatile is destined to explode.

Get to know them, before your friends do, with an exclusive mix for La Foulie.

bookings: kristof@lafoulie.be

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