Go Club


Tomorrow, Eclectic Records is releasing Robophil's latest EP.

Monday would've have been half as appropriate a release day as Friday, because the responses to the EP all call out to do one thing: Go Club.

Larry Tee (Ultra, US)
"I absolutely love the Liquer Killer and Bright Lite tracks. Both are SOOO playable and killin!"

NT89 (Southern Fried, IT)
"Liquer Killer is an absolute killer, will play it for sure. Impressive EP overall, quality tracks!"

Misk (Gung Ho, Ed Banger, Turbo, IRL)
"I love the energy in these tracks! That track "Feel" is kind of the coolest cos it's a little more mysterious and restrained.. the other are DJ tools though for sure!"

Too many good reviews to post, including The Phantom's Revenge, Arveene, Feadz and so on.

Full preview on Robo's myspace. Tracklisting below:

Go Club
Liqueur Killer
Bright Lite (Reloaded Mix)

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