Go Club


Tomorrow, Eclectic Records is releasing Robophil's latest EP.

Monday would've have been half as appropriate a release day as Friday, because the responses to the EP all call out to do one thing: Go Club.

Larry Tee (Ultra, US)
"I absolutely love the Liquer Killer and Bright Lite tracks. Both are SOOO playable and killin!"

NT89 (Southern Fried, IT)
"Liquer Killer is an absolute killer, will play it for sure. Impressive EP overall, quality tracks!"

Misk (Gung Ho, Ed Banger, Turbo, IRL)
"I love the energy in these tracks! That track "Feel" is kind of the coolest cos it's a little more mysterious and restrained.. the other are DJ tools though for sure!"

Too many good reviews to post, including The Phantom's Revenge, Arveene, Feadz and so on.

Full preview on Robo's myspace. Tracklisting below:

Go Club
Liqueur Killer
Bright Lite (Reloaded Mix)


When we first met Riccardo and Raf at one of the DJ Mania contests, it didn't take ten minutes to make out that these guys stood out. A charismatic and confident duo that worked the crowd like puppets on a string.

Can't count as a surprise that they won 2nd place in the region's biggest contest, alongside a contract with La Foulie and a spot at last december's edition of TV OFF. Since then they played at Muziekodroom, Decadance and Rumba&Co alongside names like Autokratz, Dada Life & Monica Electronica.

Coached by Goldfox and supported by La Foulie, you'll definetly see these guys around. Best to warm up your ears with their latest mix, they'll thank you for it later.
Hellektronik - Rabbits At Night by Mr. Watchkido


Steve Angello, AN21 - Valodja
Mom & Dad - Judas (Sonicc)
Dj Rap - Give it all away (Starkillers)
C-Code - Burning up in here (Rubix)
Mightyfools - I said (Sound of Stereo)
Myagi, Utah Saints, The Root S - Rock one (Utah Saints)
Sound Of Stereo - Zipper
Gtronic - Iron man
Tonka - Jack Track (Black Noise)
Malente - I like it
Dj Dan, Hatiras - Drop Hits (Santiago & Bushido)
Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok
FLG - Amplifier
Dada Life - Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Moguai)

photo by C Vangt Licht
bookings: kristof@lafoulie.be
bookings: kristof@lafoulie.be

Robophil Exclusive


Bobmo – Arabian Delight
Nouveau Yorican – Boriqua
Afrojack – Do The Dance (Sidney Samson Remix)
Da Mongoloids - Spark Da Meth (Bangin Like A Benzi Mix)
Marc Houle – Meatier Shower
Gucci Vamp – Sha! Shti ! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
Alvaro – Make It Funky (Sandro Silva Remix)
Boys Noize – Drummer
TBM & Robophil – Feel
DJ Gantman – Juke Dat Girl (Greenmoney Remix)
DJ Hell – Disaster
DJ Trajic – Cool Checkin´
Terminal One – Party Time
Larry Tee ft. Roxy Cottontail (TBM & Robophil Remix)
Kikumoto Allstars – I´ll Jack You
Kenny Jammin Jason with Fast Eddy Smith – Can u dance

bookings: kristof@lafoulie.be

Modfest '10

Modfest, 16 januari 2010, Muziekodroom Hasselt. Al jaren het vetste, donkerste, vuilste, meest sexy dj-feest van Limburg. 1 keer per jaar verandert de volledige Muziekodroom site in een duistere danstempel. Zaal, Club, Fuifdok en Café worden bedolven onder de beats, dj-sets, stomende live acts en een uitzinnig publiek. Een vroege tip: wees er snel bij want vorig jaar was Modfest grandioos uitverkocht. De affiche is zo goed als compleet. Hieronder meer info over de DJ's in de Zaal, de live acts in de Club en de d&b in Murdocks Radar Records Room!

22h-23h Quill
23h-00h30 Jack Beats
00h30-02h00 Brodinski
02h-03h30 Noob
03h30-05h Cait Sith

22h30-23h15 Fuck You Stupid Loser
23h45-00h15 Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
01h-01h45 Lucy Love
02h-04h Villa

23h-24h Meddik
24h-01h Q-Project
01h-02h Netsky
02h-03h Zen
03h-04h Murdock b2b Total Science
04h-05h Crix
Jenna G maakt 3 x korte showcase en staat bij voor hosting van de avond!
All-night hosting door Quest One MC


Volatile was formed only two years ago through a trans-alpine connection of two young yet versatile producers, NubiS from Slovenia and Feral from Switzerland. The pair shared a passion for 90’s big beat, drum'n'bass and the new wave of electro, which gave birth to a perilous monster: the sound so powerful and chaotic that it should be measured with the Richter magnitude scale.

The youngsters’ flair for destruction was noticed swiftly – The Proxy picked up their very first single and tracklisted it in his mix for Kissy Sell Out’s BBC Radio 1 show, while Hostage started spreading their name through his live sets and by praising them on the musical blogosphere.
Their first official release – Faces Of War – has seen the light of day through an independent digital label Studio Internova shortly after.


While the conscientious twosome continued to produce track after track, their take on Röyksopp’s Tricky Tricky landed nearly at the top of the hypem.com popularity chart on several occasions.

With a potent fascination of music and heaps of exciting unreleased materials and an upcoming Australian tour with notorious Trashbags Kids, Volatile is destined to explode.

Get to know them, before your friends do, with an exclusive mix for La Foulie.

bookings: kristof@lafoulie.be

Le Petit Belge

When people chit chat about new dj talent in and round Ghent, they definitely mention Le Petit Belge.

The young man behind the artist name, Guillaume Noë, treats every party crowd to a fingerlicking good cocktail of pumping electro, clever house and undying classics. Something tasty for each one of us if you want to write it down in cliché terms.

The little Belgian dude earlier fulfilled a job as promotor for the Make-Up Club in Ghent. He became the resident at this club, shared decks with the Ed Banger crew, 2 Many DJ's, Radioclit, Autokratz, Scottie B, D.I.M, South Rakkas Crew, Stereo MC's, Thunderheist, The Shoes, The Subs, Partyharders, Surfing Leons...

He also played an exclusive set at Le Showcase in the romantic city center of Paris, played for Billabong, a surfhappening in Spain and bombed the Ghent based cultural centre Vooruit on the last day of 10 Days Off.

Catch him this weekend in Stockholm!
Le Petit Mixtape by lepetitbelge


I'm On Miami - Siopis
/Vocal Chrods - Claude VonStroke
/Gipsy Kings (Round Table Knights Remix) - Malente, Dex
/Bonito - David Keno
/Edu-k- Paul Whitehead RMX
/Maldito Nino (Tom Flynn's Big Momma Remix) - Momma's Boy
/Ssshhhh (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Hess Is More
/Arabia - Original Mix Daley Padley, Paul Cooper
/Peanuts Club - BeatauCue Remix Brodinski, Noob
/Black & Blue (Tiga Remix) - Miike Snow
/The Whole Sh-Bang - Harvard Bass
Afro Nuts (Douster Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool
Zawmania (BeatauCue Remix) - Solo
/Set Me Free (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) - Drop The Lime
/Rumba - Nick & Danny Chatelain
Surdo - Worthy
The Very Best (Tim Green Remix) - Kada Manja
Minimood (Round Table Knights Remix) - Solo
/Le Tigre - Original Mix Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

photo by RO
bookings: lisa@lafoulie.be


The result of two years hard labour, two years of sweat, two years of party, two years of Commonphase.

As they evolved, the music evolved with them. To give you an idea where they're at right now: this mix is influenced by Percussive/Ethnic Techhouse, Minifunk, Gipsy Rhythms, Midget-house, Garage Funk, Indian/Balkan House, Baile Funk and Trancehall among others.

Alexkid - Mousseur Dub
Mendo & Danny Serrano - Kumbha
Dario Nunez - Work This Pussy
Yolanda Be Cool - Holy Cow (Oliver $ Remix)
Dennis Ferrer - Sinfonia Della Notte (Gel Abril Remix)
Ramon Tapia - Colorz (Super Flu Grune Schlupfer Remix)
Chernobyl & Praga - Balança (Renaissance Man Remix)
Crazy Cousinz - Bongo Jam (L-Vis 1990 & Bok Bok's Remix)
Acidkids - Big Foot (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
Julio Bashmore - Um Bongo's Revenge
Solo - The Big Stef
Danny T - Chico (Tom Piper's CrackCrack Freshness)
Ghenghis Clan - Gathina
Marcus Price & Carli - Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix)
Mom & Dad - Judas (SonicC Remix)
Mowgli - Tamiflu
Boris Dlugosch - Bangkok (Roska Remix)
Kingdom - You