Chapter 2 of 'La Foulie gaat vreemd' brings us to Germany.
That's right: beer, saucage, big tits & great music.

Robophil is the man behind Aachen's banging [elek´tro:nik mju:zik] parties, lining up guys like Busy P, Feadz, So Me, Strip Steve, Shadow Dancer, Proxy, Orgasmic, Das Glow, Breakbot,.. but also friends like Goldfox, Kazey, Keatch & Geht's Noch.

Speaking of friends.. he's doing a remix on an upcoming Modek release. *Group hug!*

Enjoy these tracks and stay tuned for an upcoming mix, you'll hear it here first.

Bright Lite by Robophil

De La Soul is Dead (Beatmaniac & Robophil remix) by Robophil

Nas - Made You Look (Beatmaniac & Robophil 2009 remix) by Robophil


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