In 1908 a comet exploding over the skies of Tunguska caused the largest impact event on Earth in recent history.
58 years later, a nuclear meltdown turned Chernobyl into the mother of all ground zeroes, with four hundred times the amount of fallout that was released by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

If there's one thing history is trying to teach us, it's that Russia knows how to bang! On that note we would like to introduce the newest member on our roster: Polymorphic.

Given Russia's enormous size, it seems unlikely and downright offensive to even suggest, but Proxy & Polymorphic are actually close friends, displaying the same type of deep, dark and agressive powertechno.

Turbo Recordings holds his remixes for Proxy's 'Raven' & 'Who Are You'.
His own EP 'Technomusic' and his latest remix for Fukkk Offf are being released by Coco Machete Records.

Time for an introduction mixtape, da?

Who Are You (Polymorphic Remix) - Proxy
Kontact Me - Boys Noize
Rock On (Marseille Remix) - Polymorphic
Plastik Fantastik - Felix Da Housecat
Northern School - Blende
Reign in Blood (Suicide Club Remix) - Q.G.
Rapidgirl - Audiostalkers
StepOff! (Sekta Remix) - Blatta & Inesha with Congorock
Push That System (Lazy Rich Remix) - Costello
Freak - LFO
Die - Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger
Blow Ya Mind (The Squatters Remix) - Lock N Load

photo by Trashbags

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