Russian Roulette

Mixfactor finalist Kid Supreme is no freshman.
Playing gigs like Dominion at age 16, he suddenly disappeared off the spinning radar for about 3 years. According to our information he had been curing sick children in African refugee camps during that time. Luckily there's plenty of musical inspiration in these regions, or he would've never blessed us with this delicious (vinyl only) mixtape.

Catch Kid tag-teaming with Cait Sith this saturday at Eat my Tank & 9 Jaar De Zool.

Arabian Prince ft Dr.Dre - Innovative Life
Jamie jupitor - Computer Power
Mr. Pauli - Le Crunch (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Sun La shan - Catch (Discodevil Remix)
Rude 66 - The 1000 year Storm
Dexter - Echo Park
Egyptian lover - Electro Pharao
Luke Eargoggle - I Belong to the Past
Daft Punk - Assault
Industrial Bass Machine - The Voice of the World Control
Dj Assault - S-N-D 2
Jackal & Hyde - Beyond
Alden Tyrell - Disco Lunar Module
Anthony Rother - Dont Stop the Beat
The Advent - They Came
Mr. Pauli - Der Alte

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