Jack that Voltron

The quickest way to Chicago is through Voltron, you can quote us on that. Sure enough, they bring the latest flavours, just ask Make Up Club, Newscafé, Charged.fm or TV OFF.

This set however is an hommage to early 90's and Chicago sweetness:

Maurice - Opening Melody
Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy
Buzzthrill - Everybody in the house (get some mix)
Jammin "The House" Gerald - Party Hyp (rx)
White Knight - Gonna Jack (Dub Mix)
Thomas Bangalter - What To Do
Dj Milton - Birthday Girl
Dj Milton - 909 State
Traxmen - Fire Alarm
House Gang - Feel It
Playground Productions - I Work
Alan Braxe - Vertigo ( Thomas Bangalter edit)
Trinidad - Philly The Blunt
Criminal House - Rythm Talk
TC Crew - I can't do it alone

Timemachine Mix - Voltron

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