TV OFF is home to fresh, exciting new music with high end names. Friday december 4th is the date for another battle with our musical innocense.

Cait Sith & Commonphase, the concept's biological parents, see to it that every edition offers fresh, exclusive need to hear music styles.

International headliner this time is Solo, known from Claude Von Stroke's Dirty Bird label, his recent release on Sound Pellegrino and his residency at Fabric.

Kill Frenzy's recent release on Hervé's Cheaper Thrills label launched him from local talent to underground superstar by night. Time to turn that night into specific proportions.

The charismatic guys from Hellektronik earned 2nd place at the recent DJ Mania finals, and with that not only a spot at Friday's party to be, but also a concract with us here at La Foulie.
Much more on this very soon..

And finally, for his unique blend of influences, his easy going attitude and his killer mixtapes, TV OFF appreciates and invites Slim Fit to party with the worst.

Slim Fit - Fittest Tape Pt. 2 by Slim Fit

A night to remember without a doubt. RSVP to the Facebook event here.
If we don't see you at the The Zoo Hasselt this Friday, watch out for comforting pics by C Vangt Licht later on.


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