Thunder and such

We know what you did on August 15th.
You were either listening to the new Der Schmetterling mix, broadcasted on Switch, or tearing out your nostril hairs out of regret that your were missing it.
We love the former and have mercy on the latter of you, so here it is: a freshly-baked and still steaming mixtape, only a mouseclick away from your greedy paws.

This time Der Schmetterling Hassels your Hoff with no less than 37 tracks, stuffed in only one hour of musical frenzy.
Fuck Ableton, Schmettie switches the vinyl faster than Bolt on cheap-ass amphetamines.

But let's not get lost in hollow phrases. This mix is made for dancing, getting horribly pissed with a bottle of Jack, cadging free friggin fricandelles, or spanking your girlfriend with a pingpongpallet. I mean, whatever. Download it and just - whoop whoop!

Don't forget to check out Thunder, panties & pingpongpallets, the place where it all comes from.
Intro - Like a Virgin
Housemeister - Gehacktes
Mr. Oizo - Positif (LFO remix)
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Life on MTV
Alan Braxe - Running
Mr Oizo - Gay Dentists
Fast eddie - Lets Go (joe smooth mix)
The Juan MacLean - One Day (Surkin remix)
Reese & Santonio - How to play our music
The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix)
Zombie Nation - Radio Controlled (Hey Today! Remix)
Sidney Samson - Riverside
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Adult - Hand To Phone
Heartsrevolution - C Y O A (Brodinski remix)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Boys Noize - Starter
Scottie B - New Style Crooks (Chavy Boys Mix)
Scottie B - Push it
DJ B-Stee - Robot Club Rock
The Clash - Rock the Casbah
dj Rob 3 - The Chase
Michael Jackson - Beat It
Steve Aoki - Warp 1.9 (edit)
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
Bangkok Impact - Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Tel
Tiga - Mind Dimension
ZZT - The Worm
Bar 9 - Strung Out
Rusko - MR. Muscle
The Shoes - America (Brodinski remix)
Maurice - This Is Acid
Dance Area - AA247
David Guetta - Jack Is Back (edit)
Herve - Who Da Champ?
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (edit)
Musical youth - Pass The Dutchie

Thunder, panties & pingpongpallets - Der Schmetterling

photo by c vangt licht

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